A ‘Vision’ to Behold – How Sam’s Club is

Catering to Members in the Optical Domain

The United States led the global eyewear market in 2019




1.8 M members

shop with us for their optical needs at Sam’s Club 


With vision correction affecting such a large population, it was only a matter of time before Sam's Club catered to its members with an inventive solution.

What is Omni Optical? How did it help Sam’s Club members?



When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sam’s Club wanted to enable its members to shop for prescription glasses from home to step up health and safety measures. With that thought, the team launched an end-to-end digital optical experience that would allow members to shop for prescription glasses from the comfort of their homes.

How does it work?

Supports virtual try-on, accurate pupillary distance measurement, and prescription upload functionality.​

Members can search for optical items from the search bar or directly browse the optical category pages.​ 

Members can place orders online and track the status from ‘My Account’ page.​


The innovation

Apart from the "What" and the "Why", our teams focused on the "How" aspect as well while building the digital product.

What makes Omni Optical different?

Virtual try-on


With the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of online shopping, the demand for virtual try-on is growing.


Sam's Club is meeting this need with their virtual try-on solution which allows members to see what a pair of glasses will look like on their face, in real-time.


To implement this, we partnered with a third-party vendor that uses a physics and pixel-based algorithm to provide a realistic and personalized augmented reality experience.



Virtual measurement


Our virtual try-on tool allows members to virtually take the following prescription tests: pupillary distance and lens measurement. 


Pupillary distance is the measurement between the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil and allows a prescription to be positioned correctly in the frame.


Lens measurement is the vertical measurement from the bottom of the lens in the frames to the beginning of the progressive addition on a progressive lens or the top line of a lined bifocal.


Both these calculations are done within seconds, saving the members time.




This initiative was a large effort that involved 20 different Walmart

teams dispersed across multiple geographies who came together to

bring this experience to life.

Spectacular Outcomes

Over 20 teams worked on the Omni Optical project. Within a span of six months, we went live with the digital product, which was first deployed on the iOS app.


As of December 2021, we received an NPS score of 80.

Samir Pattanaik

Sr. Manager, Sam’s Club

Why are all eyes on Omni Optical?

Prescription upload and validation

Support for all prescription types: one focus, multi focus, and no prescription

Options for lens material upgrades and add-ons

Navigation for all optical products on the optical landing page

User consent for legal purposes

Glasses delivered to a member's home in seven days*

Prescription sunglasses support

Disclaimer: Omni Optical is deployed in a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.